President of Calendars (angrylemur) wrote,

People are idiots, Tuesday edition

The Lambda foundation declares that from now on, Lambda awards will only be open to writers who are actually members of the TLBG community. Straight, cis kids everywhere rush to cry "discrimination!"; forget, apparently that they can still be eligible for like every other literary award ever. NEXT: Abortion clinics discriminate against people who don't need abortions! The NAACP discriminates against white people! SACOMSS discriminates against people who aren't victims of sexual assault! Vegan restaurants discriminate against meat eaters! Financial aid discriminates against rich people!* WHERE WILL THE HATRED END?

Could someone please explain to be how this Lambda policy is discriminatory? I honestly don't get it at all. Here I was thinking that declaring the autonomy and solidarity of an oppressed group was, like, empowering and shit, but apparently it totally makes one worse than Hitler. Not that I'm surprised - this is the exact same bullshit that sexists, racists, homophobes, etc always give when anyone other than a well-off, middle-aged, cis, straight, able-bodied, neurotypical white man attempts to empower themselves. But seriously.

Also, Roman Polanski was arrested, which is great news for anyone who ever thought "gee, Chinatown was such a great movie that I think it totally merits everyone just forgetting about the fact that the guy who made it raped a thirteen year old girl, plead guilty, and then fled the country to avoid sentencing", because now you have the opportunity to voice that opinion everywhere on the internet without it being a non-sequitor! GO NUTS! You will find sites like MetaFilter to be especially welcoming environments for you.

Anyway, I have to go clean my apartment so the Landlord doesn't get all disapproving when he comes to inspect our roof (and hopefully fix it before the winter cold causes it to cave in completely). Then I'm off to a book launch at Drawn and Quarterly - more proof that you can basically get me to go anywhere on a rainy evening by offering me free wine and a chance to talk about comic books.

*edit: I've only ever heard two of those arguments actually used - the "the NAACP is discriminatory towards white people" argument, from the kinds of racists who take great offense when you say that that's a racist thing to say, and the "financial aid is discriminatory towards rich people", from US libertarian/objectivist types. The latter I consider not even really worth my time - they're offensive to me as an activist and a poor person and I could say a lot about exactly why that is, but honestly I feel that it's pretty self-evident so why bother. I take the former much more seriously, but I included it with the other ridiculous statements to show how ridiculously stupid I think it sounds.

After a night's sleep I realize that it could also read like I'm saying that nobody every says that kind of shit, like how nobody ever accuses abortion clinics of discriminating against people who don't need abortions. That wasn't what I meant to say. Just wanted to clarify.
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